IPG Studio/Facilty

IPG has a state of the art facility for your projects

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Immanuel Production Group has had the amazing opportunity to open up a fully operational, fully loaded multimedia production studio. Our goal with this new studio is to have a space that provides an environment conducive to creativity for anyone seeking a high quality production experience. We have been meticulous in our construction of our studio, thinking of everything that could possibly be needed for an amazing production experience. Our studio Amenities include: 

  • A full sized studio with a retractable Green Screen, Grey, Black, and White Backdrop
  • A Loaded Editing Suite, A 44″  Monitor for the Producer/client, and a VO Booth
  • Two additional offices with editing/graphics capabilities
  • A full sized kitchen with a coffee maker, toaster,microwave ect
  • A talent/client break room/Hair-Make-up area
  • A conference room with a 46″ Smart Television and white board for brainstorming
  • Two Private Bathrooms/Changing areas for talent

Our studio features large retractable seamless backgrounds. These backgrounds come in four colors: Green,white,black,and grey. They are perfect for talking heads, and keying for virtual sets or backgrounds.