IPG Web Design Team

When you’re building an online presence, the most important aspect is your website. It’s your hub and your first impression. Are you using the right elements to maximize your website’s effectiveness?

Each creative website we develop are 100% custom designed, optimized for all mobile/tablet devices.  Your website will automatically adapt to the size of the screen it is viewed on, it will look perfect whatever device is used – whether a large desktop monitor or a smart phone. All of our websites are built with a user-friendly CMS (content management system) that let’s you easily manage the content of your website. There’s no need to know any piece of programming or HTML. Simply login to your dashboard from anywhere you have an internet connection and make changes to any section or any content of your website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means you can add your own content whenever needed. We provide ongoing assistance and our team is available and happy to advise you on any technical questions or issues you might have, regarding Hosting, Support & Maintenance

Why Do You Need A Website or a Redesign?

Your website represents your company to the world. Potential customers judge your business by the look and tone of your site. A professionally designed website makes a great first impression that instills trust in your company, which can translate to more customers and increased revenue. A great website is an opportunity, not a cost. Your ideal clients see your website more than any other thing you spend money on in your business. If you have a website that has been online for a few years with little or no updates here are some reasons why you might need to redesign your current site.

  • Your Content Management System or Website Technology Is Out of Date
  • Your Website Design Looks Old and Outdated
  • Your Website Is Not Mobile-Friendly
  • You Aren’t Getting the Results You Want

Your Business Focus Changes Here at IPG!

We will help you plan, design and optimize your website. No matter what size your business is, IPG will improve your web presence and show you ways to reach new customers. We are here to serve you! The first step we will take is define the goals of your website. Most businesses should have at least three: to create an online presence, to differentiate your business, and to capture leads.

1. Creating an online presence is the most basic reason for building a website. This means building a site that includes your business information, highlights what makes you special, and gives consumers a way to contact you.

2. Making your business stand out takes a more advanced strategy. Maintaining a blog that portrays your thoughts and insights can help your website stand out and help consumers better understand your business.

3. A good business website can be used to capture potential leads. As the site grows it becomes a community for customers and potential consumers. Connect with potential consumers and find a way to continue marketing to them.

Custom Website Design Process

Our Custom Website Design Process starts by analyzing your business goals then work to create a beautiful, clean website that will amaze your clients and increase the number of contacts.

First we determine what is the purpose of your website? there are three main types of websites:

  • Brochure site
  • Lead generator site
  • Online shop

The brochure site is an online support to your offline marketing. You will refer to it in your ads, because you pay for ads by the square inch, and acres are cheap on the Internet. You will refer to it in your Yellow Pages ads, your business cards and your brochures. An online presence will give you a credibility that your competitors without a website (getting fewer every day) don’t have. But in the end it is just an online version of a tri-fold a printer might do for you. There is nothing wrong with a brochure site, if this is all you want in your marketing plan.

The next step up is a lead generator site. Unlike a brochure site, you want it to generate business on its own. You want people to find your site while browsing on the Internet, and having seen your site, feel compelled to call or email you. After that contact is made, hopefully a sale will follow.

The last option is that your website is a storefront where visitors to your site can actually purchase products and services. In other words, after finding your site, and viewing your content, they are compelled to “click here” to make a purchase.

Once we determine what type of site you need we ask you these simple questions.

  • Briefly summarize your project in your own words:
  • Is it a New Design or Re-Design
  • What is your business goal with your new site and in your own words, who are your customers?
  • Have you established a logo representing your brand?
  • Do you have all the content ready to be put on the site? Or will you be depending on us to create and write the content for your site?
  • Will you need to accept payments on your site?
  • If you are selling items on your site, how many items will you be selling?
  • Will you need us to Host the site?
  • Will you want us to keep the maintenance up on the site?
  • Do you have a Domain name?

Once we get these questions answered it will give us a great head start on building your site.

Website Maintenance & Hosting Plans

Maintenance Plans

IPG Offers 2 Great Maintenance Plans

We have to great affordable plans to fit YOUR budget!

The pay as you go plan: The pay as you go is for those needing occasional additions and/or modifications here and there throughout the year. Our services will keep your website updated and not break the budget.

The Monthly Plan: The monthly plan is ideal for those who desire more frequent updates to your site. For $150 per month, we are offering 3 hours of comprehensive web updates charging only $50 per hour and $60 for each additional hour.

Website requests are high priority and will be taken care of quickly and efficiently with an average turnaround time of 24- 48 hours after receiving your request.

Hosting Plans

IPG Offers 3 Great Hosting Plans